Nico "Tough Love" Papadopoulos

Homid Child of Gaia Ahroun



  • Born 1990 in a small town (Etna, 800 people) in northern California at the base of the Marble Mountain Wilderness / Klamath Range and the Klamath National Forest.
  • Due to the pristine wilderness, it’s attractive to Wyld centric tribes… like Black Fury.
  • So as Black Fury kinfolk, lots of ethnic Greeks in the area, plus Etna is the Greek Orthodox diocese that includes Portland. Big Greek family and with Pure Breed, so closely watched by the tribe.
  • Grew up speaking Greek, eating Greek food, fully immersed in the culture.


  • When, in High School, he started to show signs of being a likely Garou (aggression, temper, rage, weak delirium causing effects by looking into his eyes, etc.) they realized they needed to get him out of there. Sent him to be with the Children of Gaia (unknown to him).
  • This manifested as his father getting a new job in San Francisco, and somehow being able to afford a place to live in Alamo Square near Haight-Ashbury (famous for being the “birthplace” of the hippie movement, but not really nice/safe neighborhood). Unknown to him at the time, the Black Furies and Children of Gaia made that happen.
  • He hated the city, and combined with his anger issues and whatnot it deteriorated and he became one of the discipline problems of the school. He found an outlet in Shop class, fixing small engines, welding, and automobiles. He internalized his anger, having a very strong will, and was able to keep a lid on it longer than many young Kinfolk about to First Change.
  • At 16 (2006) he got his motorcycle endorsement on his license and a job working at a motorcycle repair shop, by 17 he was fully a California “biker” and weekends were spent riding the winding roads of California (objectively considered some of the best driving roads in the world).
  • He sometimes just needs to get away… literally drop whatever he’s doing and ride away from where he is. The motorcycle allows that.

FIrst Change

  • 17 was also the year of his first change, 2007.
  • Details TBD

Rite of Passage

  • Details TBD

Hoka Hey 2010 and The Moose Incident

  • Meeting other packmates

A Personal War Against the Defiler Wyrm

  • As he encountered Pentex corrupted people, Fomori, and other Agents of the Wyrm, he came to loathe The Defiler Wyrm and its agents most.
  • At some point, he learned about BACA and their mission and spent a year as a supporter to earn his back patch
  • Since he had no official criminal record or anything, all his background checks and whatnot passed
  • His Roadname in the group is Gyro (YEE-ro), but he also answers to Gyro (JAI-ro). He considers how a person says his Roadname to be a reflection of how close they are.
  • While he truly despises non-Wyrm corrupted abusers, he takes special delight in hunting those down and making them disappear. Non Wyrm corrupted types, he’s usually happy to let the law and due process have first shot at things.
  • Because enough of those Wyrm corrupted abusers vanish once Gyro gets involved, the rest of the local Chapter basically knows he’s “taking care of the trash” but they can’t prove it, and some of them don’t really want to either. Of course some of the more suburban casual rider types probably don’t like him/are afraid of him. But as with many people like this, those that know he’s “on their side” are actually quite glad they know somebody like this in case things get bad.
  • Because the local Chapter basically suspects that Gyro is murdering abusers, they don’t really assign him to any except the hardest cases and problems. In fact, some times he’s only “unofficially” assigned.

Imminent Strike Camp and True Silverheels

  • Was part of the Imminent Strike Camp of the Children of Gaia until True Silverheels (Elder, Children of Gaia, Sept of the Hand of Gaia in New York) successfully lobbied to have the Camp disbanded.
  • Tough Love is still pretty pissed about it, and considers the Tribe weaker as a whole because of it and unprepared for the Apocalypse War

Relationship to the Black Furies

  • If all things had been left alone after he FIrst Changed and was adopted into the Children of Gaia, he’d probably be okay with the Black Furies
  • However, he is very active in the Greek Community, is fairly charming and handsome … and had his eye on several young Greek Girls (that he was actually pointed at when he was just a Kinfolk with Pure Breed and a potential Black Fury breeding stud).
  • After becoming Children of Gaia, the Black Furies deliberately broke up all his relationships and some of them were quite serious
  • He’s absolutely certain the Black Furies did it on purpose, he just can’t prove it.
  • Now he thinks the Black Furies are just unbalanced hypocrites and elitists – just as bad in their own way as the Get of Fenris

Nico "Tough Love" Papadopoulos

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