Sabine Ramos "Viper's-Strike"



  • Born in the dark of night under the new moon to a Homid Uktena Galliard named Wind’s-Fierce-Song, who had gone on a vision quest after having a dream of her daughter. Wind’s-Fierce-Song made a pact with Rattlesnake that her child would be blessed with ancient memories in return for honoring and preserving the Old Ways.
  • Grew up in McAllen, Texas. Was raised speaking Apache, Spanish, and English. Was taught the Old Ways by her grandmother, and learned the ways of the modern era on her own. Showed an affinity in particular with use of the bow. Was a very curious child, who constantly tested boundaries and rules. Got into a lot of trouble.
  • Her first change was expected, so her grandmother began preparing her for her rite of passage, both into womanhood, and as a wolf-changer.

First Change

  • 2017 – While out one evening, the sixteen year old girl was picking up some extra groceries for her family and she and her older brother were attacked in the parking lot. She wolfed out and destroyed the attackers. Luckily, her older brother was aware of his sister’s nature, so after she calmed down, he got them both out of there before the authorities arrived. “Family” cleaned up the scene and got rid of all the evidence.

Rite of Passage

  • Traveled the almost 1300 miles from her home at the south Texas border to the Roadrunner sept in Arizona, in lupus, alone.

First Pack

  • First pack was comprised almost entirely of Uktena – Nayati, a homid Uktena Philodox, and Red Tree, a homid Uktena Theurge. The only non-Uktena was a Silent Strider Ahroun named Dark-of-the-Soul. Very early duties were simply patrolling the bawn and keeping it safe.
  • Umbral quest to the Uktena home realm to right some serious wrongs of their tribal past.
  • Umbral quest to Pangaea to destroy a very powerful wyrm fetish containing the spirit of a Nexus crawler in the largest volcano. Got a new quest to restore World’s Balance pack.
  • Umbral quest to Wolfhome to restore the remaining members of World’s Balance pack.
  • Umbral quest back to Pangaea to repay a spirit and retrieve a prize.
  • Pack broke up, on good terms, because Sabine wanted to be closer to her kin in south Texas.


  • Hoka Hey 2010 and The Moose Incident – Went on a long bike ride with a kinfolk and his best friend to protect them. Met another garou on the same ride, a Child of Gaia named Nico, and decided to travel together. Fought a giant, wyrm tainted moose with a pack of Shadow Lord lupus. The kinfolk showed remarkable coolness in the face of all this, so Sabine decided he was the one for her.
  • Discovered a secret “hallway” where at least 13 different moon bridges converge. One entrance into the physical world was in Big Bend, near-ish her home town. She has told NO ONE of this hallway.
  • Retrieved a powerful disguising fetish mask from a Black Spiral Dancer. Restored mask to the Uktena at the Roadrunner Sept.
  • Umbral quest to Battleground to track down a claive fetish lost in the physical world. Restored claive fetish to the Uktena at the Roadrunner Sept.
  • Retrieved the remaining seven bane-mirrors created by Black-Smoke-Trail, an ancient, powerful Uktena Theurge. He had created 13 obsidian mirrors and bound powerful banes in them, without his tribe’s knowledge. Restored the mirrors to the Uktena at the Roadrunner Sept.
age year incident
0 1991 Born.
16 2007 First Change & Rite of Passage.
17 2008 Umbral quest to Uktena home realm. Umbral Quest to Pangaea.
18 2009 Umbral quest to Wolfhome. Return to Pangaea.
19 2010 Goes solo. Hoka Hey incident. Gets married.
20 2011 Discovers “The Hall of Ways.” First baby born, a son.
21 2012 Retrieves a fetish mask from a Black Spiral Dancer. (kid age: 1)
22 2013 Umbral quest to Battleground. Second baby born, a daughter. (kids’ ages: 0 2)
23 2014 Retrieves and returns a claive fetish. (kids’ ages: 1 3)
24 2015 Starts search for bane mirrors. Retrieves and returns first. Third baby born, a daughter. (kids’ ages: 0 2 4)
25 2016 Retrieves and returns three more mirrors. (kids’ ages: 1 3 5)
26 2017 Retrieves and returns one more missing mirror. Fourth baby born, a son. (kids’ ages: 0 2 4 6)
27 2018 Retrieves and returns last two missing mirrors. (kids’ ages: 1 3 5 7)

Sabine Ramos "Viper's-Strike"

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